Welcome to The College School!

If you have located our website and are reading this page, you may have or know a child who learns differently. Would this child benefit from a more personalized approach? One that supports social-emotional growth? One that highlights STEM and language-based instruction with practical methods? The College School may be the answer to your search. Learning differences are real and they make it challenging for a child to thrive in a traditional school setting. I am happy that you have come to the right place to advocate for your child in the classroom and beyond.

The College School aspires to prepare the whole child—academically, emotionally and socially. Offering a rigorous and engaging experience, teachers at The College School utilize proven practices that focus on the strengths and challenges of every child. Small class sizes and high student to teacher ratios allow children to learn and explore in a unique University setting that fosters confidence.

Perhaps like this child, some students at The College School have language-based learning differences (i.e. dyslexia) or ADHD, while others simply need a structured and resourceful environment to reach their true potential.

The College School empowers children. Our skilled and compassionate staff utilize best practices to tailor instruction for the individual. We embrace challenges and opportunities precipitated by educational research, while engaging a broad network of experts and partners to keep our program relevant and effective. We support children in becoming critical thinkers and effective communicators.

As a parent, it is essential to choose a school like TCS where curriculum and culture impact the global development of our students. Daily learning in the classroom feels safe and fulfilling, and the year-long interactions that children encounter are immeasurable. Whether it is the once reluctant reader absorbed in a chapter book, the middle school student heading into the woods with his 4-year old “Nature Buddy,” or the pride on every child’s face after their first annual Talent Show; the radiance of these moments cannot be captured through a website – they must be seen in person.

I welcome you to come tour The College School.  Meet our staff, observe our students, and feel our passion. This hidden gem on UD’s Children’s Campus is where “great minds” await!

Laura Dougherty