The College School


At TCS, we love our families.  We strongly encourage parent and family involvement. Parents are encouraged to keep in touch with their child’s teacher. You can also stay involved by:

  • helping to organize events for the school
  • attending Parent Night
  • speaking to students about a topic of interest
  • participating in the Hot Lunch Program
  • volunteering to be a Homeroom Parent
  • volunteering to bake for a special event
  • assisting in the school “Literacy Link”
  • driving students to and from field trips

Remember to watch our Announcements page and visit our online calendar for additional events.  We believe that it is through this partnership that we can best meet your child’s needs.

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Students should arrive to school in front of the outside play area at 8:00 a.m. Students should not be dropped off in the morning until a TCS staff member is clearly visible and on duty. Homeroom begins promptly at 8:20 am. Any student arriving after 8:20 am will be marked late.  Our late arrival procedure is to pull up the the crosswalk in front of the building and call the front desk (302.831.0222).  A staff member will greet your child on the sidewalk.


Dismissal is at 3:00 pm (Wednesday dismissal is 1:30 pm). TCS students should be picked up in the carpool line in the front of the building.  Teachers will wait outside with students until 3:10 pm (1:40 pm on Wednesdays). At 3:10, remaining students will be sent to After-Care and parents will be billed accordingly.

Students who leave school early (i.e. for medical or other appointments) should be signed-out in the main office by the parent. Please note that there are “15 Minute Drop Off” parking spaces in the parking lot.

If the school day has already started when weather becomes an issue, TCS will remain open as long as the University remains open. However, parents are welcome to pick up their children at any time they feel conditions warrant.

Dress Code Policy (Updated June 2022)

The College School’s dress code is an outline of acceptable attire that isn’t limited to just one or two options. It provides guidelines rather than rigid rules, and offers some flexibility for all.  Students are expected to come to school with a neat appearance and good hygiene in mind.

*Currently (2022-2023 SY), TCS will follow masking guidelines provided by the University of Delaware.  When required, all staff and students must wear masks that cover the nose and mouth and fit appropriately.  Students should be able to take their mask on and off independently.

General Dress Code Guidelines:

On a daily basis, students should wear clean clothes that are weather-appropriate for the season.

  • Tops: Shirts, sweaters and sweatshirts (with or without hoods) must cover skin completely.       
  • Bottoms:  Well-fitted bottoms that are free of rips and holes. Shorts and skirts must be fingertip length. Jeans are ONLY permitted on Fridays and designated “Dress Your Way” days.
  • Footwear: Students should wear comfortable, sturdy shoes.  Socks are recommended.  No open-toe shoes (e.g. sandals, clogs, flip-flops) are permitted.

*Parents and students are expected to use conservative judgement when determining “school appropriate” attire.

Students are not permitted to use personal electronic devices (phones, iPads, handheld games, etc) during the school day.  If such a device is observed by a TCS staff member, it will be taken away from the student and given to the homeroom teacher.  On the first instance, the device will be returned to the student at the end of the school day and the parents will be notified.  In subsequent instances, the device will be sent to the director.

*This policy can be waived for academic purposes.