Welcome to The College School!

If you have located our website and are reading this page, the likelihood is that you have a child who learns differently. If so, you’ve come to the right place for information on how to advocate for his or her success in the classroom and beyond school as well. Learning differences are real, and they can make it challenging for children to thrive in traditional school settings.

The College School, located on the Children’s Campus at the University of Delaware is a private laboratory school serving children in Grades 1 through 8. Proven methodologies are taught in small classes that focus on reading, writing, math, and organizational skills. Our students and teachers learn and explore together in this unique educational setting that fosters respect, independence and student success.

Many students at The College School have language-based or math-based learning differences (i.e. dyslexia, dyscalculia). Some are challenged by ADHD or executive function and auditory processing disorders, while others simply need a smaller classroom environment to flourish.

The College School’s mission is to empower children with learning differences and guide them in reaching their true potential. Our skilled and compassionate staff utilize best practices to tailor instruction based on the talents and needs of each student. On a tour of The College School, you will undoubtedly witness “great minds” learning differently and succeeding.

The College School embraces challenges and opportunities precipitated by changes in the field of education. We engage a broad network of experts and partners to keep our program relevant and effective for children. Our goal is to support our students in becoming critical thinkers, innovators and effective communicators.

As a parent, it is essential to choose a school where the curriculum and culture positively impact your child’s global development.  Daily learning in the classroom must be safe and engaging. The connections and interactions our students encounter throughout the year are immeasurable. Whether it is the “high five” greeting in the morning carpool line, the 2nd grader absorbed in a book with a UD mentor, or the pride on each child’s face following their first performance in the annual Talent Show. The brilliance of these moments cannot be captured through a website – they must be experienced in person.

I welcome you to visit The College School.  Meet our remarkable students and teachers and observe our commitment to success.  Only then will you truly understand what makes The College School an exceptional environment where children thrive.

All the best,
Laura Dougherty