Two teachers work with students at The College School

The College School’s expert teachers are committed individuals who engage with their students and assist them in developing strategies for their distinct learning styles. These compassionate educators impart a spirit of confidence and self-advocacy that their students will carry throughout their lives.

Our Master Teachers and support staff team up with our school psychologist, therapists, and faculty and students from across UD to provide students with academic, social, and emotional support services specifically tailored to their needs.

As professionals in the field, Master Teachers at The College School engage in continuous professional development to enhance their knowledge, skills, and passion for working with bright students who learn best with a personalized approach.

The College School

459 Wyoming Road
Newark, DE 19716

P: (302) 831-0222

F: (302) 831-3105

Laura Dougherty, Director  Room 102B
Laura Baker, Administrative Assistant  Lobby
Donna Baylis, Administrative Assistant  Lobby
Cheryl Macey, Financial Assistant  TCS
Marty McDonough, TCS Liason  Room 104
Stacy Poplos Connor, Master Teacher  Room 130
James Davis, Master Teacher  Room 125
Laurie Drumm, Master Teacher, Technology Coordinator  Room 117
Kathleen Krause, Master Teacher  Room 129
Debbie Seador, Master Teacher  Room 127
Kelly Boettcher, PE Teacher  Room 109
Andrea Comiez, Reading Interventionist  Room 121
Alexandra Jones, Graduate Student
Mindy Kempista, Art Teacher  Room 115
Yvonne Mejia-Hershberger, Speech/Language Therapist  Room 110
Terri Peffley, Occupational Therapist  Room 109
Holly Pommerening, School Psychologist  Room 113A
Matt Shuxiong Feng, Graduate Student
Kathy Seeman, Reading Interventionist  Room 120