The College School - Sustainability Day

The College School serves students in grades 1-8 who demonstrate learning, attention, mild social/emotional, and/or mild behavioral issues that may impact school success.  Students diagnosed with reading disabilities, such as dyslexia, have been particularly successful at The College School.

Every child’s strengths and needs are unique. The goal of the admissions process is to ensure a good fit between your child and The College School so as to maximize the potential for each child’s success.

The following are common characteristics of our students.

  • Have average or above average ability, as measured by a standard I.Q. test.
  • Have the potential to return to a mainstream educational environment.
  • Have the ability to work cooperatively with others enrolled in The College School.

The College School is not able to meet the special needs of students with developmental delays, autism spectrum disorders, or severe communication disorders.

Our Master Teachers, UD clinical faculty members, create challenging, yet personalized curriculum that includes:

As part of the collaboration with the University of Delaware, our students also take outings to UD recreational facilities, join our graduates and undergraduates on special trips to our dining halls, and view performances and lectures on campus.

Depending on your child’s needs, they can remain at TCS through eighth grade or transition back into their traditional school. Once they transition out, we find our students are much more successful and confident learners, adapting readily to the demands of their new school.

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