Dear Families,

It’s hard to believe we’re moving into October at the end of this week….WOW, time flies, especially when life is busy!

Thank you so much for your support of our Scholastic Book Fair and our Mum Sale.  Information is forthcoming re: our Mum delivery date….Hoping they’ll arrive by next week.  We’ll keep you posted!

Additionally, we thank you for continuing to take the appropriate health precautions and for monitoring any health symptoms your child (or family) may experience.  When in doubt, please keep your child at home and contact his/her doctor right away.  Obtaining a COVID test is always recommended as the safest route.  Thanks to those of you who have already communicated with us about potential exposures within or around your family.  We cannot stress our appreciation for following our safety protocols and keeping our school safe and open.  Going forward, we request that you send your negative COVID test results to Finally, if your child will be out of school, please notify his/her homeroom teacher regarding their absence and how to address make-up work.

I am pleased to announce the great news that Dr. Phil Piercy will be starting at the College School on Monday, October 11th.  He reached out last week to share his excitement about coming on board!  In the next two weeks, we are preparing and looking forward to his arrival!  The plan is for Dr. Piercy and me to work together throughout the month of October (as needed) to ensure a smooth transition.  Of course, I will remain in close contact throughout this school year, assisting him in any capacity that is warranted.  While an appropriate reception is in the works, please join me in warmly welcoming Dr. Piercy to our College School community!

Below, I’ve included a few upcoming special event dates below:

  • Wednesday, September 29th –Picture Make-Up Day
  • Friday, October 8th—Cherry Crest Farm Field Trip
  • Monday, October 11th—Fire Prevention Day (afternoon events)

Please continue to remember our school theme for this year, and let us know how your child or family have contributed or performed a small or large act to “Make a Difference!” We remain proud to share any positive news with our College School community.

All the best for a great week ahead,


Two students standing outside of The College School
A student painting on a window at The College School