The College School

by Miss Megan

During the fall semester of my junior year, I walked into The College School as a mentor. At that point I was unaware of just how much The College School would impact me over the next year and a half. I came in as a shy and timid person who was afraid to speak in front of others. Gradually, I noticed that I was changing because of TCS and that meant I was developing into the person I was meant to be. I remember being so nervous that first time, but as soon as I walked in everyone was so welcoming, and The College School quickly became my happy place. Soon, I found myself scheduling my university classes around whatever was going on at The College School. Throughout my experience, I have been extremely lucky to discover my passion for helping students develop their voice both in and outside the classroom and was excited to arrive every day because I was doing something that I genuinely loved. The College School represents a one of a kind environment by challenging and supporting people to become the best person they can be. It welcomes all who walk through the door and creates boundless opportunities to set new goals and achieve them. I have had the unique opportunity to grow alongside every person at TCS, and I have been supported throughout every endeavor and new pursuit. From the Lunch Outings and fun questions on a daily basis to the dodge ball games and recess challenges, I have had the opportunity to connect and discover what is important to all of you. I have been guided by an incredible group of mentors who are fearlessly dedicated to inspiring and leading others. I have learned so many lessons that I will carry throughout my life, but I believe the most important one is how to use my voice for others. Thank you for teaching me this and for letting me part of this amazing “family.”

To all of the students, thank you for the endless high fives and the stories about interesting things that were going on in your life. Thank you for showing me how cool it is to try new things even if you are not quite sure they are going to work. I had a lot of fun greeting you in the mornings, eating lunch together, practicing math facts, playing the occasional game of football, participating in STEM classes and walking along the trail with you.

To the 8th graders, remember that you are brave, strong, and can achieve anything that you set your mind to. You have become leaders both in and outside of the classroom and this will allow you become anything you want! You are a group of wonderful individuals who will do fantastic things in the future! Don’t forget to come back and visit soon!

And one final parting thought to ALL…..Be kind. Be humble and never forget how much you matter!