Few schools in the United States can claim the close collaboration and strong ties that The College School enjoys with a major state university, The University of Delaware.  Yet this relationship has guided our mission for more than two decades, and is a good working example of the power of UD’s Path to Prominence strategic plan.

As a part of the College of Education and Human Development, our students receive the benefit of the most cutting-edge techniques in curriculum and instruction from teachers who are clinical faculty members at the University.  In addition, our children interact daily with motivated, eager student teachers and researchers whose primary goal is creating a rich educational environment for children with learning differences.

As a result of these extraordinary and unique connections, many of our TCS students feel like they’re “in college.” They take outings to UD recreational facilities, join our graduates and undergraduates on special trips to our dining halls, and view performances and lectures on campus.  Many families report that this experience leaves a lifelong impression on their children.  They recognize the value of higher education as early as the first grade, and they see their own potential for learning and succeeding in the college of their choice in the years to come.

The smaller size of our school enables our faculty and staff to monitor and collaborate with our student teachers and researchers while at TCS.  And, we receive regular progress reports on this work to ensure that our children receive the maximum benefit from this University partnership.


There has not been a day since she started first grade at The College School that she has not been excited to get to school.” J.S., current TCS parent

“My 3rd grade son was so proud to be a part of UDel – he’d happily tease his older brothers that while he was the youngest, he was the only one attending a university. He still has his UDel ID card.”  W.S., former TCS parent

“The College School as a shining example of what can happen when dedicated academics and professionals collaborate to build an ideal learning environment for all.”  E.E., former UD researcher