The College School is committed to preparing students for their places in the 21st century. Our technology commitment includes an ongoing investment in hardware and software, as well as a focus on technology support in all aspects of the academic program.

  • Each classroom is equipped with a computer for each student.
  • Using technology in the classrooms, students access the Accelerated Reader program to assess reading comprehension, IXL to review and reinforce mathematical concepts, and Type-to-Learn, to teach tough typing skills.
  • Classroom computers are linked to a local area network where students can store and access work from any computer in the school.
  • SMartboardEach classroom is equipped with an interactive whiteboard (SMART Board). The SMART Boards provide ways to show students anything that can be presented on a computer’s desktop (educational software, web sites, and others), and allow for interaction between the teachers, students, and technology.  TCS staff members share their knowledge and experiences with university students by guest lecturing in education classes and present at the annual Tatnall SMART Board Users Conference.
  • Teachers and students have access to a 25-unit mobile iPad lab, which allows individualization of available iPad apps and the portability of technology, including the use of ebooks to accompany the Houghton-Mifflin JOURNEYS reading series.  iPad technology promotes the creation of digital student-centered content, including digital stories, photo montages, videos and podcasts.  TCS staff members are also embarking on a project using iPad technology to evaluate the effectiveness of educational apps, and results will be published and/or presented at the International Association of Laboratory Schools conference.
  • All students receive a personal e-mail account through, a filtered student-safe e-mail provider. E-mail is used for communication with other students, teachers, parents or for contact with outside experts. TCS staff members have access to all student accounts to insure student safety.
  • All classroom computers have access to the Internet via the University’s high-speed connection and are protected by the Barracuda filtering software.
  • A special class in Technology has been designed with age-appropriate activities to help students gain experience with a wide range of technology applications and their uses in academics.  This class introduces research skills and Web 2.0 activities, such as Tux Paint (, glogster (, and Scratch, a programming language (

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