Congratulations on completing another fabulous year at The College School…and welcome to our new students!  All of you deserve a relaxing and enjoyable summer vacation.  Please keep in mind that summer is also a great time to delve into reading! TCS teachers expect all students to read over the summer break and to turn in quality work when they return in September.

Please select and download the files next to your Literacy class.  Those files contain the directions for the assignment and any necessary supporting materials.


Room 117 – Mrs. Seador  Room 117 Supply List  Room 117 Summer Reading

Will C.
Gavin T.
Patryk P.
Quinn V.
Sam V.
Patrick Z.

Room 114 – Ms. Guadagnino  Room 114 Supply List  Room 114 Summer Reading

Ethan B.
Chris C.
Tess G.
Carson O.
Filomena P.
Malachi C.
Kieran R.

Room 127 – Mr. Davis  Room 127 Supply List  Room 127 Summer Reading  Storymap  Venn Diagram

Patrick B.
Sam D.
Allie F.
Kallista H.
Patricia M.
Monica M.
Gavin M.
Sam N.
Conrad O.
Alden S.
Baden S.

Room 126 – Ms. Wise  Room 126 Supply List  Room 126 Summer Reading

Kyle C.
Reese D.
Dominick D.
Emily H.
Alayna M.
Michael M.
Lexi M.
Will M.
Luke P.
Corie R.
Allie S.
Emre A.

Room 131 – Ms. Donahue  Room 131 Supply List  Room 131 Summer Reading

Justin B.
Joshua C.
Garrett C.
Crystal L.
Graceyn F.
Gavin G.
Ryan N.
Kian Q.
Connor S.
Meghna S.
Okan A.
Jasper C.

Room 130 – Mrs. Poplos Connor  Room 130 Supply List  Room 130 Summer Reading

Rebekka A.
George G.
Cathryn G.
Jeremy K.
Emma R.
Tressa T.
Jackson W.

Room 129 – Mrs. Krause  Room 129 Supply List  Room 129 Summer Reading
Cole B.
Anna K.
Elizabeth O.
Calvin O.
Jillian P.
Lexi R.
Cameron T.
Claire W.