My son has attended The College School for nearly two years now.  In that time, the school has significantly increased his confidence, academics and social skills. The school’s unique emphasis on kindness has helped him feel a solid sense of belonging and pride in himself as a learner.  While these are key determining factors for academic success beyond grade school, they are often missing in children who are bright but learn differently.

This was the case with my son in the public school system.  The team there seemed more focused on what he did not need than on what would ensure his success.  Because his challenges are not diagnostically severe he simply did not get enough support.  The College School, on the other hand, has provided numerous supports for his social, writing and focus challenges.  The staff has worked to build his strengths so that he is not merely reaching academic averages, but is working toward achieving his high potential.  With its intuitive and dedicated leadership and qualified teachers, The College School provides the patience and expertise to nurture both his academic and social growth.

My son now speaks eloquently about what it means to be kind and has developed his skills of negotiation, collaboration, creativity, problem-solving and critical thinking.  And he loves school.   The College School should be replicated throughout the country.  I can’t imagine a better school for my son.

—Emily Carson


As a parent of a second grader, not only have I been thrilled to see the educational advancements of our daughter, but the development of her self confidence in the past two years. When she was new to The College School, our daughter was incredibly shy and I will never forget the joy we felt to see her on stage participating in the talent show! Through the caring and personal attention that she receives from the amazing teachers, administration and other students, our daughter was given a gift that is as great as the gift of her ability to read. They have given her confidence to enjoy taking part in fun, new endeavors rather than standing by and watching them. Under the supervision and encouragement of The College School teachers, our daughter climbed a rock wall at Camp Tochwaugh! I still cannot believe that this is the same child from two years ago that would have hidden behind us rather than take part in such an exciting activity. There has not been a day since she started first grade at The College School that she has not been excited to get to school. She has an equal enthusiasm for math as she does for her favorite art class. I am positive that no other environment could have achieved this. This program has been instrumental in allowing our daughter to thrive educationally and personally. Before we as a family had the need for The College School, we could never have imagined that a program existed that would meet the needs of so many learners and their families. We are truly grateful.

—The Sanders’ Family