The spirit of kindness that embodies everything we do at The College School lives on in our students well after they return to mainstream classrooms.  Here is just one example:

Consider the generosity of Genevieve Spence, 13, who attended TCS from third through fifth grade.

Genevieve is one of two Delaware winners of the 2011 Prudential Spirit of Community Award, which recognizes outstanding volunteer work among middle and high school students nationwide.  As a result of her efforts, Genevieve changed the lives of patients living with Alzheimer’s disease in one Delaware assisted living community.

It all started when Genevieve, then 10 and a student at TCS, visited the facility with her Girl Scout chapter and later learned that increasing numbers of older adults like to play Wii video games to exercise both their bodies and their minds.  She then decided to raise money to buy a Wii game system for the residents of that facility.

She made and sold friendship bracelets.  She collected items from her home for a garage sale.  She asked Best Buy to donate.  Soon, Genevieve raised $420, purchased the Wii system, and showed the residents how to play. “The first time a resident played, all the residents cheered,” she said in a Prudential news release.  “When a retired Navy Seal got to parachute jump (on the Wii), he did not want to stop.”

Genevieve’s act of kindness was recognized at an awards gala in Washington, D.C., along with those of 100 students from around the U.S.  Today, Genevieve is a successful seventh grader at Cab Calloway School of the Arts in Wilmington.  Genevieve and her family live in Newark.

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