November Newsletter

Dear Parents,
I am grateful that our families escaped Hurricane Sandy with minimal damage, particularly as we learn of others that were not as fortunate.  However, despite the tragic stories aired by the media, it has been inspiring to see the unified efforts of community outreach to these families in need.  Even within TCS, I have been touched by the reactions and comments fromour students, and I am reminded once again of what compassionate children  The College School possesses. This should make you so PROUD as a parent!!  I also want to mention that I am aware of the heightened concern around the three missed school days during the hurricane. I truly appreciate your understanding with our decision to follow the University of Delaware policy. Please be assured that this lost instructional time will be made up in the classroom, as all teachers are cognizant of keeping to the pace and sequence of our curriculum. And, as we move into the winter months, any additional missed time (i.e. snow days) will be made up as warranted.
Again, I thank you for your continued support of TCS and your child!
Mrs. Dougherty

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