At the core of everything IXL offers is the steadfast philosophy that, given the proper environment, every child is capable of learning. With this in mind, we built the ultimate focused learning environment—free of distractions, replete with meaningful challenges, an environment in which every moment is spent truly learning.

IXL is a practice environment in which guessing is not an option, and success is earned through hard work and genuine understanding of each concept. To facilitate this deeper level of learning, every skill on IXL was designed to make students’ minds come alive. We approach topics from different angles, offer visual representations, provide a host of interactive activities, and more. By the time students have mastered a skill, their understanding of that topic is real. And that’s the greatest motivator of all for students: knowing that when their study time is finished, they really “get it.”

IXL provides a serious and focused place to learn, but the site is also just plain fun. From the vibrant images that permeate IXL’s skills, to the enticing awards and certificates that are hidden throughout the site, students cannot wait to hop on IXL—and you’ll have trouble tearing them away.

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