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Dress Code (updated August 2017)

DRESS CODE POLICY (updated August 2017)

The College School student should maintain a traditional appearance with cleanliness in mind at all times. Students should dress differently for school than for outside play. For example, jeans are too casual for school wear, excluding our “Dress Your Way” days which occur every Friday. When questions arise as to what is and what is not in dress code, the staff and administration will assist students and families in making the final decision.

Students have opportunities to go outside at different times of the day. Weather conditions change and this may require our students to dress in layers. Students are given the opportunity to regulate what they wear outside, as each child’s body is different.


General Guidelines for Boys & Girls


  • Solid or striped collared shirts, long and short sleeved
  • Shoes or sneakers (with backs), dress shoes and boots (i.e. dress boots or Ugg style)
  • Socks or tights
  • Properly sized clothing
  • Shorts of appropriate length (mid-thigh or below)
  • Sweatpants (on PE, Yoga & “Dress Your Way” days only)
  • Cargo pants (or shorts) may be worn
  • College School or University of Delaware t-shirts, polos, crew neck sweatshirts, and fleece tops
  • Hooded sweatshirt for outdoor wear only (i.e. Recess)
  • Overall clean, neat appearance


  • Backless or open-toed shoes, sandals
  • Hats/Caps
  • Tank tops or shirts revealing midriff
  • Shirts with pictures, phrases or advertisements
  • Military or hunting apparel
  • Denim/Blue Jeans
  • Oversized, low-riding pants or shorts
  • Visible body art, writing, or body piercings
  • Dyed hair of an excessively bright or unnatural color




  • Hair cut above the eyes and collar


  • Sports compression shirts or compression pants (unless worn as an undergarment)




  • Hair combed/brushed and pulled back, as appropriate


  • Tight or revealing tops or pants
  • Spaghetti straps or halter tops
  • Skirts or dresses mid-thigh or below in length
  • Revealing skirts, dresses, or tops
  • Excessive make-up


The dress code policy is in effect Monday through Thursday. Students are expected to follow our guidelines at all times. Homeroom teachers will keep a record of any students who are out of dress code compliance. An accumulation of two violations will result in written notice to parents. In the case of repeated violations or other concerns, parents will be contacted and a meeting may be requested by the school. Friday’s are “Dress Your Way” days at The College School, which permits students to wear an outfit of their choice. Students may also earn “Dress Your Way” days from their teachers as individual or group rewards.


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