The College School will begin the 2020-21 school year on Tuesday, September 8th in a hybrid format in order to comply with guidance from the University of Delaware, the Delaware Department of Public Health, and the CDC.

TCS is prepared to pivot to alternate schedules if/when conditions and guidance from the CDC, the Delaware Departments of Health and Education, and the University administration may change.


Homeroom 1 will run a 4-day schedule Monday-Tuesday-Thursday-Friday from 8:30 am to 1:00 pm.

Homerooms 2 through 5  will be divided in half (Blue Group & Gold Group) to meet social distancing/spacing allocation requirements and to offer students a blended learning environment:

  • Blue Group meets in person on Monday/Thursday and remotely on Tuesday/Friday
  • Gold Group meets in person on Tuesday/Friday and remotely on Monday/Thursday
  • Wednesday mornings will be reserved for classes via Zoom, individual intervention, and social engagement activities w/ School Psychology, Interns, Therapists and Specials (i.e. Art, Mindfulness/Yoga…) teachers.
  • Wednesday afternoons (12:30 to 3:30pm) will be reserved for staff meetings, teacher planning/grading time, Professional Development, and staff collaboration time w/ UD Teacher Candidates and Interns.
  • Classrooms and shared space will receive extra cleaning/sanitizing on Wednesdays when students are not present.

*Before Care will be offered, if needed, from 7:30-8:00 am.  After-Care will be offered, if needed, from 3:00-4:30pm. Social distancing and mask requirements will be enforced.  

Some elements of student engagement (in-person and virtually) may incorporate:

  • Face-to-face instruction
  • Independent practice of learned skills through created outcomes such as projects, presentations, written products, etc…
  • Real-time instruction via Zoom
  • Instruction and exploration via video
  • Collaboration/Group Work
  • Independent & Group Research projects
  • Interactive websites
  • Interaction with text – reading, summarizing, inferring, answering questions, etc
  • Problem-solving
  • Class Discussions, in-person and in discussion boards – (both teacher and student-led)
  • TCS teachers, support staff and everyone in grades 4 – 8 are required to wear a cloth face covering (mask) when in the building, as per the Delaware Division of Public Health Guidelines.  Cloth face coverings should cover both the mouth and nose.
  • TCS students in grades 1 – 3 will be required to wear a mask, with limited exceptions, as per parent survey response
  • Wearing a facemask throughout the school day is now part of the TCS Dress Code.
  • Students will be provided with periodic “mask breaks” throughout the school day–6 ft distancing, everyone seated at desk, water break, lunchtime, etc…
  • The staff will practice frequent hand washing, refraining from touching their face, covering a cough or sneeze and social distancing (keeping 6-ft. distance between themselves and others).
  • Students will receive “live” instruction in proper handwashing techniques, the correct way to wear a mask and the importance of social distancing.
  • All TCS staff members will have campus access to COVID-19 testing through the University and will follow any guidelines recommended by DOE, DPH, and UD.
  • Only TCS students, UD employees and UD students (with approved clearance) are permitted in the building.  All parent communication and meetings will occur via email, telephone call, or conference call.
  • All in-person events and field trips have been cancelled or modified for the Fall Semester.
  • Surfaces will be cleaned using soap and water, and then disinfected
  • Practice routine cleaning of frequently touched surfaces.
  • High touch surfaces include:
    • Tables, doorknobs, light switches, countertops, handles, desks, phones, keyboards, toilets, faucets, sinks, etc.
  • Classrooms will be arranged so that students will be seated at desks with 6-foot social distancing spacing, as advised by Dan Yohey (UD Facilities-Real Estate & Auxiliary Services).
  • All desks will face forward.
  • Students will be given assigned seats and a record made on a seating chart.
  • Classrooms will be equipped with tissues, disinfectant wipes, and hand sanitizer.
    • Students and staff will use hand sanitizer upon entering and leaving classroom.
    • Staff will assist our custodians with daily cleaning and disinfecting in the classrooms.
  • All technology will be assigned to a specific student and will not be shared among students.
  • Desktop and laptop computers will be distributed throughout the building and desktops will be placed to allow for 6 ft. spacing between students.
  • Classroom libraries and other potentially shared materials will be less accessible to students, with quarantining protocols enforced.


  • Students will arrive between 8:00 and 8:15am and temperatures will be checked daily at the car in the homeroom zones (sectioned by cones).  Parents will be asked the symptom screening questions.  Anyone with a temperature over 99.5 degrees or who is exhibiting symptoms as indicated with symptom screening questions will not be permitted in the building.
  • Students will be dropped off in their homeroom zone in front of the building, maintaining social distancing (on sidewalk in front of playground, in garden island, to the left of lobby doors, to the right of lobby doors, at the end of the sidewalk.
  • Teachers will escort classes into school through the Entrance Door, one class at a time.  Students report directly to homeroom and visit lockers at pre-established times.

Late Arrival

  • Parent and student will remain in the car, wait in the fire lane, and contact front desk administrative staff.  TCS administrative staff will go to the car, take the child’s temperature, complete the screening questions, and escort the child into the building.

Early Dismissal

  • Parents will notify administrative staff and homeroom teacher of early pickup time.
  • Upon arrival, parent will stay in car and contact TCS administrative staff.
  • Student will be escorted to car by TCS administrative staff.


  • At 3:00, all students will be escorted to their homeroom zone in front of building, maintaining 6 ft social distancing.  Students will be picked up from homeroom zones, sectioned by cones.
  • Students will maintain social distancing and wear a mask while waiting for their car to approach.
  • Classes will be scheduled so students remain in homeroom classroom throughout the school day, minimizing contact with other students and TCS staff members.
  • Specials Classes
    • Specials classes will meet weekly, in combination of in-person classes, and both synchronous and asynchronous zoom clases.
  • Mentoring Time with UD students (EDUC 230)
    • Will be organized by each homeroom and occur via zoom
  • Intervention Services
    • Psychologist, reading specialists and therapists will meet with students on a consistent basis.
  • Daily attendance will be recorded each morning during Homeroom.
  • Absences for COVID-19 related quarantines will be excused.
  • All assignments, in person and remote, will be counted equally.
  • Missing assignments will negatively impact student grades.
  • Marking period and final grades will be calculated in a traditional manner.
  • Healthy snack, lunch and a water bottle will be brought in by the child to prevent possible contamination.
  • Students will eat snacks and lunch outdoors or in their homeroom class.
  • Parents will be asked to send food that does not require heating and in containers that the child can open him or herself.
  • Food wrappers and leftovers will be sent back home in lunch bags to prevent cross-contamination.
  • Parents will be required to sanitize their child’s lunch box daily.
  • Any food sent to school (ie party treats, Hot Lunch donations) must be prepackaged.  No homemade goods will be served to students.

In order to minimize the sharing of community supplies:

  • Each student will have their own pencil box containing crayons, markers, colored pencils, erasers, scissors, a ruler, a calculator, etc
  • Each student will purchase a custom TCS art kit containing oil pastels, chalk pastels, paints, brushes, a sketchbook, etc.
  • Each student will be assigned a numbered computer to use throughout the school day- no sharing of computers.

When students return borrowed materials, such as text books or library books, all materials will be quarantined.

  • Text books, library books and leveled reading books will be placed in quarantine bins throughout the week.
  • These books will be returned into circulation on Mondays, after a weekend of quarantine.
  • Utilize outdoor classroom spaces to maximize outdoor learning opportunities
  • Creating individual classroom recess times and suggested activities for students
  • Establishing a protocol to wipe down outdoor playground equipment after use ( community/ disinfecting-building-facility.html)
    • High touch surfaces made of plastic or metal, such as grab bars and railings should be cleaned routinely.
    • Cleaning and disinfection of wooden surfaces (play structures, benches, tables) or ground covers (mulch, sand) is not recommended.
  • Dedicated tech help email address:
  • Mandatory Schoology Orientation via Zoom (August 19th)
  • Mandatory Digital Tools Orientation (September 16th)
  • Technology support for Schoology posted on TCS website
  • Technology support for digital tools available in Schoology


  • Immediately isolate anyone exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms in Room #110, the COVID-19 isolation space. TCS staff member caring for symptomatic student will wear full PPE.
  • Classroom is vacated following transition to isolation room.
  • TCS administrative staff contacts parents and arrangements are made for student pick up.

Notify Health Officials and Close Contacts

  • In accordance with state and local regulations, the Director will notify the Dean’s Office immediately and follow the University’s COVID Response Plan. Additionally, we will notify all staff and families while maintaining confidentiality in accordance with privacy laws.

Disinfecting and Sanitizing After Someone is Symptomatic

  • Close off areas that have been occupied by a sick person and do not use these areas until after cleaning and disinfecting.
  • Ensure safe use and storage of cleaning and disinfection products, always storing these securely away from children.

If a student or staff member is diagnosed with COVID-19 or exposed to someone with a presumptive or positive case of COVID-19:

  • Contact medical provider; 14 day isolation/quarantine by CDC guidelines
  • A medical clearance indicating “released from isolation” is required to return to school
  • Anyone who has had contact with that individual will be notified according to UD’s Leave Action Chart
  • If members of a classroom are required to quarantine, instruction will be delivered remotely for everyone in that homeroom