Since TCS is located on UD’s campus, we are able to collaborate with many of the programs, students and faculty across the University, providing an enriching experience for our children.

  • Field Day. UD’s College of Health Sciences has provided tremendous support to TCS in many of our sports-related activities, including our annual Field Day.  In the past, students from the Department of Behavioral Health and Nutrition have planned and operated various stations at Field Day, and UD athletes and cheerleaders have joined TCS students in skills-building exercises and games.
  • Basketball.  UD Men’s Basketball Coach Monte Ross has teamed up with TCS to conduct periodic skills development sessions with our students who are receiving occupational therapy at TCS.  Our kids report they had so much fun playing basketball with Coach Ross and his players in the Early Learning Center gym that they didn’t want the session to end!
  • Music and Dance.   Undergraduate students from UD’s Fine Arts program have done remarkable work with TCS children throughout the years.
    •  Poetry in Harmony.  In this program, our Theater students have used music and plays to help build literacy skills in our first/second grade classrooms.
    • Dance 311.  Undergraduates in the Dance 311 class have also worked with TCS teachers to apply dance to enhance learning.
    • Project Music.  In this annual program, TCS students interact with graduate students in Music in a program that introduces kids to various instruments and genres, including jazz, classical, and more.
  • Sustainability Day.  In this annual event, TCS students join the rest of the UD campus in promoting the need to protect and preserve the environment.  In 2011, the program focused on the three R’s: Reducing, Reusing and Recycling.  Posters created by TCS students were displayed outside Memorial Hall on Sustainability Day, along with sculptures made out of recyclable materials by our seventh and eighth grade students.  Our younger students played a game called “Not in My Backyard”, where they moved paper from the recycle bins back and forth over a net to try to keep their “back yard” free of trash.  The team with the least amount of paper won the game.

“Working at The College School has been and continues to be a wonderful addition to my academic career.  After becoming involved with TCS during my sophomore year, I have learned a great deal not only about how to implement a research project, but about myself as well.  From this project, I have seen my confidence, determination, and love of learning grow.”  H.C., UD graduate and participant in the Poetry in Harmony project.