As part of the University of Delaware, we are able to offer a wide range of services and programs that provide our students with unique opportunities. 

  • Work Study Program/Tutoring.  This program enables UD work/study students to spend one hour on available days Monday through Thursday, working one-on-one to reinforce academic and study skills with our students. These UD undergraduates are carefully matched with the needs and personality of each child.  Our tutors come from a rich array of academic disciplines: Engineering, Psychology, Biology, Education, Math Education, and more.  Tutoring support is offered at no additional cost to families, and tutoring is done during the Mentoring class period as needed.
  • UD Volunteers.  This program has been in place at TCS since 2001. Undergraduates provide tutoring support to TCS students and in some cases, can earn college credit for their work.  Some of our students come from UD’s volunteer group, the Student Association for the Education of the Young Child (SAEYC).  Many volunteers offer to come back to assist TCS students after fulfilling course requirements, because they find the work with our children so rewarding and enjoyable.
  • Improving Child Health.
  • School Psychology Services.  TCS collaborates with the School of Education’s School Psychology Program to provide school psychology services to TCS students. Each semester, one intern from the School Psychology curriculum is assigned to our school, supervised by School of Education School Psychology Professor, Dr. George BearThey conduct class observations, psychoeducational evaluations, testing, counseling, and social skills classes for children who may need these services.
  • Occupational and Speech Language Therapy.  TCS employs an Occupational Therapist and a Speech/Language Therapist who hold regular sessions focusing on fine and gross motor skills, as well as language development and social skills training.  We also enjoy a good working partnership with UD’s Physical Therapy department, a relationship that goes back more than two decades.
  • Nutrition Science. Through student observation and collaboration on lessons with our master teachers at TCS, students in UD’s Department of Behavioral Health and Nutrition have demonstrated to our children the value of healthful eating habits, and have received great feedback from TCS children in the process.
  • Health Rocks!  TCS has joined forces with UD’s Cooperative Extension Service to implement “Health Rocks!”, a month-long education program that emphasizes in an age-appropriate way the dangers of alcohol and tobacco use. Health Rocks! also  promotes the value of exercise and proper nutrition for TCS students in grades 4-8.
  • Fire Safety.  In this program developed by UD’s Department of Environmental Health and Safety, TCS students compete in an annual statewide essay  and poster contest to promote fire safety at home.  Entries are judged by a Department team, and awards are given during a pizza luncheon at school.  During this week-long event, firefighters show our kids how to protect themselves and their families from the dangers of fire, and the firefighters bring in trucks, ladders, hoses and other gear to show kids how firefighting is done.


“Thanks to The College School’s able tutors among others, she’s up to her grade’s reading level and just about mainstreamed. I would think it would be hard to top that in a search for evidence the College School can change young lives for the better.”  W.K., TCS grandparent

“The College School is where students develop the ability to think critically, but most of all it is where students are inspired to develop skills for their future.  Every child deserves a place that meets his or her learning style, and we know that TCS has proven to be that very special place for many students.”  F.D., current TCS parent