August 2015 Newsletter

Dear TCS Families,

Although it is not easy to watch the final days of summer come to an end, there is an inspiring anticipation about the return of fall and the fresh start to a new school year. In that spirit, preparation at TCS is in full motion with plenty to get excited about as we approach September 8th. This year we begin with a school-wide theme: HEROES. I ask that your child reflect upon a hero in his/her life. What are the special qualities they admire? In addition, encourage them to think about the kind and simple acts they can perform to be a positive role model for others. I look forward to having a school FULL of heroes at TCS! We would love your participation in collecting inspirational quotes (such as the following) to fill our hallways and classrooms this year.

“A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure despite overwhelming obstacles.” ~Christopher Reeves

A few housekeeping items: First, regarding your child’s classroom placement, please note that our Homerooms are assembled by Literacy level, however, there may be exceptions in which a child is placed in a different Literacy class than that of their Homeroom. Please be assured that all assignments are carefully considered to best serve the needs of each student. Next, be aware that TCS will continue to run on a semester schedule this year consisting of mid-semester progress reports (and conferences) in November and March and bi-annual narrative report cards in January and June. Please refer to the TCS calendar to view these specific dates.

I am thrilled to welcome thirteen new families, two new Graduate Students, and three Teacher Candidates to our “TCS family” this fall. You will have the opportunity to meet many of them on Wednesday 9/2 at the Welcome Back Social. New parents are invited to come from 3:00-4:00pm to participate in a parent orientation session. This will permit ample time for questions about the upcoming year. In the event that you cannot attend, please find the power point presentation under “Announcements” on our website

I know that this year will be one of great promise for The College School…a year to embrace the essentials of teamwork, confidence and success! Thank you for your trust and support of your child’s education. Hope to see you at the “Back to School” Social! Enjoy these last days of summer!

Best wishes,
Laura Dougherty

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