The College School’s primary mathematics program for grades 1-5 students is Trailblazers. Students in grades 6-8 engage in the Connected Mathematics Program (CMP). These stimulating, process oriented curricula meet NCTM and Delaware state math standards.

Students work independently, as well as in small cooperative groups to enhance mathematical thinking and problem solving skills. They share solution sets through writing and/or oral discussions. Visitors to a TCS math class will find students actively engaged in learning, frequently utilizing manipulatives and technology.

Students who require alternative math instruction (ex. Saxon) work in small groups or 1:1 settings.

For additional reinforcement, TCS participates in First in Math, an online math program.


The Smithsonian Program provides the core science curriculum for students in grades 1-8. Teachers receive training in the implementation of this hands-on program. Students engage in inquiry-based learning on various topics including:

  • Weather, Solids & Liquids (Gr 1)
  • Soils, Balancing & Weighing (Gr 2)
  • Human Body & Earth Materials (Gr 3)
  • Structures of Life & Electricity (Gr 4)
  • Ecosystems, Mixtures & Solutions (Gr 5)
  • Simple Machines & Earth History (Gr. 6)
  • Diversity of Life, Water Sheds, & Genetics (Middle School)