Accelerated Reader (AR) is a reading incentive program that has been adopted by The College School.  The program is based on the fundamental principal that practice improves reading.  Comprehension quizzes are available on our classroom computers for most of the books in the TCS Literacy Link, and our collection of quizzes is continually growing.

AR involves three simple steps:

  1. The student selects and reads an AR book within his/her individual reading range (AR books are available in the Literacy Link or may be from the student’s personal collection; a list of AR quizzes available at TCS are listed on our web site)
  2. The student then takes an AR Reading Practice quiz on his/her classroom computer to demonstrate comprehension of the book.  Points are awarded based upon the score received on the quiz
  3. The computer adds the quiz results to its database and generates a report about the student’s reading practice (see the following page for your child’s first trimester AR report)

* With teacher approval, the student may read a book not included on the AR quiz list.  Points are then awarded based on quizzes available at or through the satisfactory completion of a book review.


Literacy teachers set individual reading ranges and AR point goals for each student.  These goals are based on the child’s current reading instructional level.  Through an incentive program, students are rewarded for individual achievement in meeting their goals.

The goals of the AR program are to:

  1. provide each student with quality literature at his/her reading level
  2. motivate students to increase reading practice through a computer-based program that records each student’s reading success in AR books
  3. reward students for meeting individualized AR reading point goals

You can monitor your child’s progress toward his/her individual reading goal by visiting the HomeConnect site: