School Cancellations and Closings

In the event of inclement weather, TCS will follow the University of Delaware closings or late openings.

Information on closings or late opening will be available from:

  • UD’s home page
  • UDaily
  • the University’s main phone number, (302) 831-2000

The information will be posted on the TCS website as it becomes available, and families are invited to sign up for Remind101 – an anonymous text messaging service.

If the school day has already started when weather becomes an issue, TCS will remain open as long as the University remains open. However, parents are welcome to pick up their children at any time they feel conditions warrant.




For the safety of your child, we will ask you to complete a TRANSPORTATION AGREEMENT. This informs the school of persons who may pick up your child. Students will not be dismissed from school if someone other than those designated on the TRANSPORTATION AGREEMENT arrives for the child and a teacher has not been notified verbally or in writing.

Please notify the school (in advance, if possible) of special circumstances such as the following:

  • your child will be absent
  • your child will arrive late
  • your child will need to be dismissed early
  • you will be late picking up your child
  • someone other than a designated person will be picking up your child
  • your child will go home with another student
  • your child is permitted to walk home (or to an alternate destination)


Each TCS parent is provided with a UD parking pass that entitles parking (only) in the 459 Wyoming Road lot that is adjacent to the school. It is imperative that it is placed in the driver’s side dashboard of the vehicle. Replacement pass is $10.00.

Park at a meter (and please remember to feed it!).


TCS is concerned about your child’s health and safety. A pink STATE OF DELAWARE EMERGENCY CARD must be completed annually for each student. During the year please keep the office informed of any changes in address, email, telephone, employment, etc.

Each new student enrolling at TCS must file a HEALTH FORM signed by their physician. A certificate specifying the month, day, and year that immunizations were administered by your child’s physician or public health agency must be provided. As long as your child is enrolled, the school maintains records of immunization. Vaccines are required for attendance, unless your child’s physician informs us in writing that one or more of these vaccines is contraindicated or against your religion.

If your child requires medication during school hours please provide:

  •  the medication in a prescription bottle (or provide a written prescription)
  • a COLLEGE SCHOOL MEDICATION AUTHORIZATION FORM which must be on file in TCS office.

If there is any change in medication (i.e. type of medicine, dosage, time, etc.) written notification is required.

University ID Card/Flex Account

As a student at TCS, your child is entitled to have a UNIVERSITY OF DELAWARE ID CARD. There is no charge for the initial ID card; however, replacement ID cards cost $5.00 (University policy). The ID card may be used by your child for access to the University library, to eat in the Perkins or Trabant Student Centers or campus dining halls, to purchase tickets from the University box office and items from the bookstore, and for many other uses.

In order for your child to use his/her ID for purchases, money must be placed in his/her FLEX ACCOUNT. A Flex Account can be established for your child by providing us with a check (payable to the University of Delaware) in the amount of $10.00 or more. Please allow at least one week processing time for deposits into this account.

School Handbook