Lunch/Hot Lunch Program

Students should bring a lunch to school each day. As we do not have classroom refrigerators or microwaves, we recommend insulated lunch boxes or bags, which should be clearly marked with your child’s name. TCS encourages good nutrition; therefore, student lunches should contain a fruit drink or milk & no sodas or glass bottles, please. We do not allow children to share or trade food at lunch.

We appreciate your providing your child with a nutritious (limited sugar) lunch each day. All food that is not consumed will be returned in the student’s lunch box. If your child forgets his/her lunch and parents are unable to bring the lunch to school, a light lunch (ex. peanut butter or cheese crackers, box drink, applesauce) will be provided.


Throughout the school year we offer a Hot Lunch Program for students. Participation in this program is optional.

  • Hot Lunch is offered every Tuesday and Thursday
  • Tuesday is Pizza Day
  • Thursday follows a rotating schedule of local restaurants
  • The cost of every hot lunch is $5.5o and parents will be billed monthly
  • Parents can go online to the TCS Website to complete a pre-order form.

Field Trips

To enrich the TCS curriculum, students may leave their assigned classroom for various activities throughout the school year. Kent Dining Hall and the Perkins Student Center are only a short distance from the school. Other integrated learning trips may be scheduled to the University of Delaware’s Morris Library, or other sites within the vicinity of TCS. Many trip destinations can be reached by walking, University of Delaware’s bus service, and the Newark Uni-City bus system.

You are asked to sign a permission form for your child to go on such field trips. All other trips will require special parent permission. Forms will be sent home and must be returned by the designated deadline in order for your child to participate. Due to our excellent adult/child ratio, parents are not generally needed as chaperones on field trips.

Talent Show/Closing Ceremonies

We encourage and appreciate family attendance at two special, annual events:

The TCS Talent Show is held on the last day of school before the winter holiday. This is a fun-filled event in which students share their talents (and build their self-esteem) through individual and group performances. School is dismissed for the winter holiday following The Talent Show. Please invite family members and friends to attend!

Closing Ceremonies is a culminating activity that is held on the last day of the school year. Awards are presented to students to acknowledge their individual achievements. In addition, those students who are transitioning (graduating) from TCS are celebrated. School is dismissed for the summer following Closing Ceremonies. Family members and friends are welcome!


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