New Students

New students are welcomed to TCS in a kind, supportive, nurturing environment where every child is offered a chance to succeed.  On the first day of school, our new students begin an eight week trial or probationary period to ensure that TCS is the right match.  During this time, if TCS or the parents decide that the placement is not working out, the new student shall be withdrawn.  Parents are responsible for tuition for the time enrolled.  In addition, the tuition deposit is non-refundable.

Educational Placement

Based on age, students are assigned to a homeroom.  Our homerooms accommodate children from first through eighth grade.  Assignment to core academic classes such as Math and Literacy is based on student achievement levels.  Science, Social Studies, and Specials classes are conducted by Homeroom, unless otherwise discussed by TCS Staff and parents.  Parents will be consulted if a change in placement is recommended at any time in the school year.


A 504 Individualized Accommodation Plan (IAP) is developed for each student enrolled at TCS.  Parent participation and input in the IAP process is encouraged.  A mutually agreed date and time will be established for the IAP conference with parents.  Instructional goals and objectives, class accommodations and/or modifications, which address specific academic and/or other needs are reviewed annually.

School Psychology Services

TCS is a training site for graduate students in the University’s School Psychology Program. Under the supervision of faculty, University students provide the following services to referred students:

  • comprehensive psychoeducational assessments
  • individual and group counseling
  • social skills classes
  • consultation with teachers and parents
  • crisis intervention


Homework:  At TCS, we know that many of our students struggled with homework in mainstream schools.  We strive to ensure that the amount of work sent home with your child daily is reasonable, and we welcome parent feedback.  Homework is assigned daily to review concepts that have been taught and to develop student skills.  Your child is responsible for writing down homework assignments in his/her daily Assignment Notebook.   Parents should sign the Assignment Notebook daily so that the teacher is assured that the parent is aware of assignments and any written communication from the staff. In addition, a daily parent signature is required to verify your child’s completion of his/her Daily Reading Log.

Parents are encouraged to determine a time and a place where your child may best complete homework.  Ideally, the area should be quiet and free from distraction.  Students are responsible for completing and returning homework, which should be done as independently as possible.  The amount and content of assigned homework is in accordance with each student’s abilities.  Please contact your child’s teacher if your child experiences difficulty with homework.

Report Cards:  TCS operates on a semester system.  Report cards will be issued two times per school year: in January and at the conclusion of the school year in June. Progress reports will be issued in November and March, and Parent/Teacher Conferences will be held mid way through the first semester, in November, to discuss your child’s progress and program. There will be no school for students on Parent/Teacher Conference Day. Parents or staff may request a conference at any time during the school year. Report card envelopes should be signed and returned to school to acknowledge your receipt of the report card. Please consult your school calendar for the report card schedule. Letter grades and their numerical equivalents are as follows:












Below 60


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