The College School serves students in grades 1-8 who demonstrate learning, attention, mild social/emotional, and/or mild behavioral issues that may impact school success. Although each student is unique and is considered independently for admission, the following are common characteristics of our students.

  • Have average or above average ability, as measured by a standard I.Q. test.
  • Have the potential to return to a mainstream educational environment.
  • Have the ability to work cooperatively with others enrolled in The College School.

Students diagnosed with reading disabilities (dyslexia) have been particularly successful at The College School. This success is attributable to the systematic, multisensory reading approaches utilized by teaching staff, as well as to the frequency of daily reading instruction these students receive.

Speech/language and occupational therapy (O.T.) evaluations and services are available on a fee-for-service basis. Regrettably, as these therapies are not available daily, The College School is not able to meet the special needs of students with developmental delays, autism spectrum disorders, or severe communication disorders.

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