Terra Nova Common Core Assessment

April 22, 2013

Dear TCS parents,

I am writing to let you know that we will be administering the Terra Nova Common Core Assessment for our 3rd through 8th grade studnets this spring.  This is a new endeavor for us, as we have never administered a group standardized achievement test at The College School.  This will be a great opportunity for your child to practice, and will also provide teachers (at TCS and beyond) with additional data to target instruction in the classroom.  The Terra Nova Common Core measures student progress toward national and common core standards in Reading, English, and Mathematics.  Terra Nova employs the latest advances in measurement technology and Item Response Theory to ensure that the data you receive is both valid and reliable.

The testing process will be Monday, May 13th and run through Friday, May 17th.  Please be assured that testing accommodations will be provided to any child requiring assistance.  No homework (or minimal homework – as per the Literacy teacher) will be assigned throughout the week.  I know you will make every effort to have your child arrive on time to school each day.  In addition, please be sure that he/she is well rested and given a healthy breakfast.  If you should have any questions or concerns regarding the Terra Nova assessment, please do not hesitate to contact me directly (lcd@udel.edu).

Thank you for helping us make this week of assessment a positive experience for your child.


Laura C. Dougherty

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