Education Courses for UD Students

  • The Power of Research.  TCS has served as the backdrop for the latest in education research at the University.  Recent studies conducted at TCS include “Improving Students’ Understand of Fractions”; The Effects of the Elementary Teacher Education Program on Graduates’ Knowledge Skills and Practice, “Investigating Writing Prompts for Students in Grades 2-6”.
  •  Human Development and Family Services (HDFS 221):  Teachers-in-training taking this required course blend into our classrooms and engage in quiet observation of our students in The College School.  This valuable classroom time enables them to understand how children interact and react at school at different times during growth and development.
  • Testing and Analysis.  In this course, CEHD undergraduates and graduate students assist in the administration of standardized testing in order to understand appropriate guidelines for testing, data gathering and analysis, and interpretation of scores.
  • Introduction to Exceptional Children.  This course gives undergraduate students the opportunity to work with TCS children one-on-one or in small groups to understand the dynamics of educating and tutoring children in a small setting.  TCS has collaborated with CEHD on this important course for nearly 10 years.
  • (EDUC 400). The primary goal of the student teaching semester is to provide pre-service teachers with the opportunity to be a reflective practitioner serving diverse communities who assumes, integrates, develops, and refines three related and critical professional roles: scholar, problem solver, and partner.

Other Educational Opportunities for UD Students

  • Student Teacher Placement.  Student teaching is the capstone field experience where ETE students teach in an elementary classroom for eight weeks.  As a teacher candidates at the University of Delaware, student teachers discover the importance of thoughtful analysis and continual revision of approaches to teaching and learning, and have the opportunity to apply, adapt, and revisit all the concepts learned.  At TCS, the student teacher observes, assists the master teacher in lesson planning, and integrates to solo instruction under the master teacher’s supervision.  Undergraduates who train at TCS are witnessing top-notch national teaching practices and models in action.   TCS master teachers also supervise student teachers, providing guidance and evaluation throughout the placement.  We also host graduate students for assistantship work at TCS, many of whom offer additional strength and support in areas such as Science, Math, and Literacy.
  • Smart Board Training.  Perhaps you’ve seen one of these revolutionary devices in your child’s mainstream classroom.  At TCS, every classroom is equipped with the chalkboard of the future, and every education major is trained in its use by our master teachers at TCS.  In addition, our teachers have guest lectured in “Literacy and Technology in Urban Schools” for classroom teachers outside the University.
  • Masters Plus Certificate Program (MPCP):  This program is designed for students from the private and public sectors who hold degrees in other disciplines.  Students in this competitive program earn masters degrees in special education over a two-year course of study and practical experience.  They bring the best of what they’ve learned in their real-world careers and apply it to their new pursuit.  This year, TCS is hosting an MPCP candidate who is supporting our Math and Literacy teaching.


“An assistantship or student-teaching position at TCS could easily benefit any student studying to become a K-8 teacher by offering them both a model for educational best practices as well as the chance to apply those practices in a real classroom.”  J.W., current TCS graduate assistant

“The College School has provided a wonderful Discovery Learning Laboratory for my nutrition students to actually practice what they have learned in class on a real live audience.”  N.C., UD Professor

“The College School is a phenomenal asset for the University of Delaware.  The learning that occurs there is aligned with the most up-to-date, research based, and reliable standards…I aspire to someday work in a school as wonderful as The College School.”  C.S., former TCS student teacher

“Laura Dougherty, my student teaching mentor, was another individual who poured her heart and soul into The College School.  She focused on teaching me many tools to enhance my instruction and helped to mold me into the best teacher I could be.”  SBY, former TCS student teacher